Please check out my first novella at Amazon.  It is called New Journey New Land.  It is my first finished effort but in fact it is the second book in a planned series.  The first book is titled Rescue on Buell Mountain and was there on my desk in bits and pieces not going anywhere, then, one day in frustration, I said to myself, just write a scene a day until I have 25 scenes or a novella length.  Of course, I needed to start fresh so I thought in terms of a follow-on to Rescue.  I did it, and it proved to me that I could, but New Journey sat around unedited for months.  I still seemed not able to get Rescue finished.  I thought, maybe I am just afraid to publish under my name, so started a story under a pen name.  I intend to write under a pen name also, but not now.  There was New Journey, sitting on the desk in front of me.  Thinking about a pen name and writing under the cover of an alias seemed to break the mental block.   So in January 2016, I finally did enough edits on New Journey to feel “OK” about putting it up on the Amazon KDP.  It is up, and it feels good.  Now to do the “marketing.”  Gotta start somewhere.

Update: I have decided to build a mailing list of subscribers who will have given me permission to give them value like free books and telling them about my books and other things.  Soon you will see a free book(a novelette) that I have written called Alive in Alaska on Amazon and other sellers.  Inside the book will be a link to my, Join the Journey, page to subscribe to my email list and receive another free book.  When it is done, the second free book, The Daniels Dynasty(again a novelette), will complete the introduction of the two main characters in what I hope to be a ten novella series, Journey Toward Light.

Update 2: The subscriber system is up on trial run.  So please excuse hiccups.  You can join the journey directly by clicking on this Join the Journey link.  Remember you will still be able to get Alive in Alaska for free when I get Amazon to change it from 99 cents.